University College Dublin

The Search for Meaning (Spring 2016). First year undergraduate. Syllabus. Co-taught with Dr Joseph Cohen.

Applied Ethics (Spring 2016). Second year undergraduate. Co-taught with Dr Christopher Cowley.

The Philosophies of Wittgenstein (Fall 2015). Third  year undergraduate. Syllabus. Co-taught with Prof Maria Baghramian.

Philosophy of Mind (Fall 2015). For postgraduates in Philosophy or Cognitive Science at UCD. Syllabus.

University of Iceland

Research Seminar: Wittgenstein (Fall 2012). Third year undergraduate and postgraduate. Syllabus. Associated: Directed Study: Wittgenstein (Fall 2012) and the International In Wittgenstein’s Footsteps Conference.

Brooklyn College, City University of New York

Knowledge, Reality and Values (twice each semester 2010-11, 2011-12, Spring 2013; 10x total). First year undergraduate, Core Curriculum. Syllabus.

University of Iceland (Teaching Assistant)

Introduction to Metaphysics (Spring 2009, Prof Eyja M. Brynjarsdottir).

Seminar: Aristotle’s Theory of Being and Contemporary Philosophy (Fall 2008, Prof Mikael M. Karlsson).

Introduction to Ancient Philosophy and Ancient Greek I (Fall 2008, Prof Svavar H. Svavarsson).

Introduction to Ethics and Ancient Greek II (Spring, 2008, Prof Svavar H. Svavarsson).

Ancient Greek I and Introduction to Ancient Philosophy (Spring 2007, Prof Svavar H. Svavarsson).

Introduction to Philosophy (Fall 2006, Prof Gunnar Harðarson).