Talks, handouts, slides, etc (selected)

‘The Edenic Theory of Reference,’ [handout] presented at SPE8, PLM3, The M&L Seminar at Institut Jean Nicod, and 2016 Pacific APA (with comments from Prof Alex Radulescu).

‘The Pragmatics of Malapropisms,’ [handout] presented at 2014 CUNY Pragmatics Workshop. (Now forthcoming as ‘A Gricean Theory of Malaprops‘ in Mind & Language.)

‘Carston on Eternal Sentences,’ [slides] presented at 6th International Conference on Intercultural Pragmatics & Communication.

‘Wittgenstein on Intention and Interpretation,’ [handout] presented at the In Wittgenstein’s Footsteps Conference, 2012. (Now published as ‘Wittgenstein as a Gricean Intentionalist‘ in British Journal for the History of Philosophy.)

‘Aristotle on Natural Virtue,’ [handout] presented at 29th SAGP & SSIPS Conference.

Handouts/slides from other presentations can be requested over email: elmar (dot) geir (guess-what-sign) gmail (dot) com.